The Journey Here

It all started in 2017 when I decided to start streaming on Twitch.┬áThere were many things I needed for my channel. I needed a frame for my camera, overlay to show new subscribers and different goals, panels for my bio and eventually even emotes. Since I’m a cheap bastard I didn’t want to pay anyone else to do something I probably could do myself (as I was raised by two artists). I didn’t have Photoshop, but at the time I was editing videos using Sony Vegas. I did some weird edits in there, took screenshots and then used those images for the Overlay. It was hard work for not the greatest outcome.

These were all made using paint and Sony Vegas (and I cringe every time I see them). Seeing as I enjoyed making my own designs I decided to upgrade to Photoshop and I proceeded to make overlays and eventually I even started drawing in PS using a mouse.

In march (2018) I got a drawing tablet for my birthday and this is where my journey as a digital artist really started. As my work got better I started getting commissions which eventually resulted in this website. I really enjoy designing things for people and there are so many things I still need to learn, which is why I ended up applying for the Graphic Design studies at Noroff.

In the past I’ve always liked to draw but it wasn’t until the end of 2014 I really started getting serious and painted almost everyday until 2016 where my love for games took over me. I however like everything that is creative, so when I wasn’t drawing I was writing and when I wasn’t writing I was singing. Creativity flows in my family where everyone is an artist of some sort.

Here’s some of my most recent work and a work in progress of a self portrait. I look forward to documenting my journey and getting better at doing something I love! In the future I see myself as a Twitch Partner working in Graphic Design.


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