Moodle Map

As our second assignment we, the students, had to learn how to use the school platform Moodle and make a map of it.

“Use a pencil and paper to draw a map of the different areas and elements within Moodle.”

This task was quite challenging for me. As a person with ADHD I need things to be clear and simple or I start pressing everything within sight and let me tell you this: moodle is not clear and simple. There are several pages with the same names showing different things and on certain pop-up windows you can not go back, so if you click the wrong thing there you have to find what you first pressed, open it again and hope you click the right link this time.

My first idea was to make a medieval style map in the lines of something you find in the start of a fantasy book. I quickly realized that would not work out.

Attempt at making a campus
First attempt

I tried to make the map simple, but my lack of experience might have made it as confusing as the site itself. I thought “What would I want to look at trying to figure out this wormhole of clickable things?”

GRA1_ FM1GD1131_MA00_ Moodle_Map_RebeckaBizzi_18102018
The poor lighting in my room made the orange color below the GRA1 on the door in the house invisible.

I decided to only color some details so that your eyes will be drawn to them. In the center we have GRA1 which is my course and the most important for me to find as I use Moodle. It is in neon orange as is the GRA1 on the door. My eyes directly move there and then to the green color where I see the word HOME. This tells me I can find my courses under Home. I then look at the two people chatting and their colors redirect me to the same colors on the map: blue; Forum. It’s easy to see that the forum is found under activities. At least, this is what I intended when I made the map and only you can tell me if you looked at the same things I did. The Moodle logo is inspired by the Noroff logo.


As I look at this map I want to fast forward some months when I will be better at this kind of work. As I look back on my first digital drawings and compare them to my newest ones I am certain that I soon will be able to make a better version of this.

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