Moodle Profile & Introduction

Aside from writing a first entry in the blog about how we ended up as students at Noroff and making the Moodle Map we also had to write an introduction and create our profile on the website. I made my introduction short on the forum focusing on specific interests so that if there is someone in my class that has similar interests they can find me easily, same with my profile introduction. Writing about these very short assignments in the blog seem redundant to me, but if I try to reflect over it as to why we should do it I assume it is to familiarize ourselves with WordPress and also getting the habit of writing about what we learn. Having worked as a teacher myself I try to see the point and value in each task I am given.

The final assignment I have to do this week is to write a report about the first week, what I’ve learned and what was challenging. It’s going to take me some time to get into the academic language but I am very excited to begin this new journey fully.

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