SCAMPER – Principles In McDonald’s History

Before we can dive into McDonald’s history we need to determine what SCAMPER is.

  • Substitute something
  • Combine it with something else.
  • Adapt something to it.
  • Modify or Magnify it.
  • Put it to some other use.
  • Eliminate something.
  • Reverse or Rearrange it.

I have tried to identify which of these methods were being used to grow McDonald’s into what it is today.

McDonald’s was created by two brothers who later sold the rights to their business to Ray Kroc. He saw the potential in what the brothers had created and his vision was that there would be 1000 restaurants in the US only. We now know it exceeded his expectations as he expanded and went global.

Many adaptations have been made to the food chain throughout the years. In 1970 the Drive-Thru and McDonaldland Parks (play places) were added to the restaurants. We can also find a lot of them if we solely look at the menu, some examples being the Filet-O-Fish sandwich that was added in 1965 to adhere to the Roman Catholic community as well as Chicken McNuggets that were added in 1980 all around the US.

Put to other use
At first ketchup was not being served with fries, it was only meant to be for the hamburgers. However, customers kept asking for ketchup and soon “The Dunk Cup” was implemented. It was a minimized version of a drink cup that they filled up with ketchup in the morning and only got served (for a price) to people who asked for ketchup which later on became complementary.

The McDonald’s logo has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. Looking through its timeline we can see the logo becoming more and more minimalistic, resulting in the yellow M it is today. Here are some different versions of the logo.


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