SCAMPER- A Spoons Different Uses

Let’s dive into the SCAMPER method again and see what other uses a spoon can have than being just a spoon.

Substitute something
Combine it with something else.
dapt something to it.
odify or Magnify it.
Put it to some other use.
Eliminate something.
Reverse or Rearrange it.

If we substitute the metal with wood we suddenly have a wooden ladle.
If we combine several spoons in different sizes to fill the different measurements we need while cooking we have a popular kitchen supply. 16570427 (1)
We can adapt the spoon by making the front bigger and deeper to create a soup spoon and by modifying it by splitting the front we get a fork. My dad used to use spoons when he was painting with oil instead of brushes, that’s one way of putting it to other use.
By eliminating the handle (and enlarging the front) we get a metal plate that can be used to put soap on to not stain the bathroom sink. Lastly, if we rearrange the front by flattening it out we can use the spoon as a dough-scraper.

All of these market themselves as all of the objects already exist, however using a spoon as a paint supply you’d have to rename it and market it by showing the results you get by using the spoon instead of the brush and showing why it’s great and work well.


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