SCAMPER – Designing a Rice Package

The biggest struggle I find when buying rice is that a lot of rice is enclosed in plastic bags, which very often ends up with rice everywhere. Uncle Ben’s have the best packaging for rice which is why I always buy that. However sometimes the little flap you fold out breaks and it’s no longer all that smart.

For my own packaging I decided to go with something similar. A mix of a milk container and the rice box.

The assignment was to use the SCAMPER method to create the new packaging, but this one came to mind right away. Let’s see how many of the SCAMPER methods we can apply onto my design.

modified, adapted, combined, rearranged the existing milk carton and Uncle Ben’s rice packaging to create my own design. Lacking methods are eliminate, substitute and put to other use. If I only use the milk carton as subject I can simply put that into other use by using the same design but putting rice in it instead. We could also substitute the carton with glass to make my design reusable. It could be refillable rice packaging. It would also look minimalistic and work in many homes.

44591211_322161705229308_8332441321100804096_nI’m unsure how and what to eliminate. Looking at existing rice packaging there are, as previously mentioned, a lot of them in plastic bags. I guess I’m eliminating that whole concept. I think for my end product my rice packaging would come in 3 different designs. One in carton, one in glass and one in a bag with a similar lid to it. That way you have an option to use if you want to refill your glass box, and for those who don’t want any they can use the carton. This way we have also magnified the design to reach a bigger audience.



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