I realized I did the spoon assignment wrong (it was way too easy) and when I tried doing it again I completely failed. It was so difficult to make new things of a spoon because there already are so many variations of it. The only ones I managed to create were these two.

Imagine splitting a spoon into several blades that are adjustable like with the art tool that makes perfect circles. You could use it to cut paper while creating and have perfect distances.

The second idea I got was bending the spoons back and make it so that you can hang it up on a wall. That way you can either use it as a kitchen supply (and putting spices you use every day in it like salt) or you can hang it on a wall next to your work station and put erasers in it. You could even put rings on it.

This is all I managed to do, because all of my other ideas have already been made (as you can read in the original post).

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