LA – Expressing Meaning

This assignment was really fun and I enjoy working with Typography a lot. Every time we get something new to do I notice how much room I have to grow. I know I could have made these better with more experience and I’m excited to gain that experience. It is so inspiring! I actually decided to stream my school work live and we had a lot of fun discussing ideas and trying to figure out what I was allowed to do and not to do.

I chose the words Disruption and Repetition because they work in unison in my life. I have untreated ADHD which allows everything to disrupt my work which leads to be starting over and over and over and over again. The word I made myself was “Lafabastic – Being positive even in a bad situation”. We discussed if this was really just optimistic, however: you can be optimistic all the time. Lafabastic is situational.

Here are the sketches I made before I started working digitally. For repetition I wanted to make the circle but decided against it because of my lack of knowledge of the digital programs. It would simply have been too much work. It was meant to represent the spiraling anxiety repetitive work can have on a person. It was also supposed to show a more calm and structured work. I went for the option where the word is almost flying towards you. That’s more how it is for me to be repetitive. I keep being interrupted so I just do the same over and over again, without structure.

With disruption I wanted to go with an effect that disrupts the calm in the font. I thought of a “broken glass” effect and ended up using Arial Black because it is thick and simple so that way the pattern and chaos disrupts the ease in the font. I did experiment with having an uppercase letter or a different color break the word to symbolize disruption but it just felt a little too simple to me. Not that it was bad, but I wanted to experiment more with creativity. It was also the first thing that came to my mind.

Describing Lafabastic with typography was really difficult for me. I’m still not sure how much I could do with the design. I wanted to make a really eerie image with creepy font and then have the color be in baby colors like baby blue and baby pink. My initial idea was a very simple forest, basically almost lines and then the word popping out of the trees in colors. For Repetition I liked the grey background the most, but my community liked the yellow background the most.



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