LA – Understanding Ideals

This was supposed to have been posted on the 7th of November but something went wrong and I didn’t notice until now. Better late than never:

“Visit a popular store, like an Apple, Nike, Levi, H&M or an Ikea store. The brand should be well-known and you must visit a shop where their products are being displayed or distributed. Before going to the shop, determine the following about their brand identity and, once at the shop, evaluate how they remain true to their brand identity or not. How is the brand identity enhanced (or, perhaps, not expressed) at the point of customer interaction?”

For this assignment I decided to look into the brand H&M. Their logo is simple, just the two letters bound by “&” in red. I think their brand ideal is “friendly, trendy and affordable”. It’s a brand that is meant to appeal to everyone, either you’re only looking for comfort and practical clothes or if you’re into fashion. It’s also supposed to be affordable. I would like to put conscious somewhere in the brand ideal as well.


The store I went to is very big with several stores. Almost one of the first things I see when I walk in is “99kr” (around 10€), and that is definitely affordable. As I walk further into the store I see the new line with designer MOSCHINO and I can check trendy off the list. So what about friendly?


Well, I think this picture wraps it all up perfectly. If that isn’t friendly I don’t know what is. I also have to say that when I asked to take this picture the employee was also very friendly.

I feel that H&M make it very easy to find what you’re looking for, if it’s fashionable clothes or practical. It’s also easy to find the different departments. As a customer I feel the visuals were holding true to the brand ideals. There were low price tags left and right and one of the first things that met my eyes were the new line with MOSCHINO.

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