LA – Editing images in Photoshop

We were supposed to edit an image in 4 different ways, sepia, split toning, an “Andy Warhol look” and the 4th was of our own choice. My initial photo that I chose was a little difficult to work with and I ended up changing to a photo of myself instead.

When editing the photo to add the “Andy Warhol” look I experimented with different versions. I really liked the first option even though that isn’t really the “Andy Warhol” look as it lacks in the very deep shading. I also only used 2 colors at first. I’d say option 4 or 5 are the ones that would go under the “Andy Warhol” look the best.

For this assignment I could have made a color palette using the Adobe color wheel which I will do in the future when I practice this more.

Here are my first attempts.


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