LA – Exposure Basics

Get to know your camera

I have borrowed the Nikon D3300 from my room-mate. Our first assignment was to name all the functions of the front and back of the camera and explain how to set the correct ISO, how to change the aperture and shutter speed.

Accessing the back of the camera (assuming the back is on the opposite end of the lens) I find the menu and I can here control the settings of the camera like ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The shutter speed is controlled by a little wheel while the other settings are decided from the menu, however there are two buttons on the front that, if held down, change it so that the wheel that changes shutter speed can change either ISO or aperture(depending on which button I hold down). There is also a button on the back that make me view from the screen instead of through the little glass window. I can also edit the photos from within the camera if I like (making them Sepia or B&W etc).

Other functions on the front of the camera is the record button and of course the button to take the picture with. On top of the camera there is a wheel with pre-recorded settings for the camera (if I’m doing a sports photo, low light, bright light, sports etc), a way to access the guide or a “manual”- setting.


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