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Edit: I have now found that my main monitor views photos in very odd quality unless viewed in Photoshop. Luckily I have two monitors so I can view the images there before uploading.

We’re still working with photography and one thing I am struggling with is how the images look on the display of the camera vs how they look in Photoshop and in the image viewer on my PC. Today I went outside to play around with the settings and I ended up finding something that looked good (focusing on settings and not scenery), however on my PC the images are coming across too dark.


Here’s a photo of my dog shaking. The image is looking very dark and underexposed (considering the amount of light outside), while on the camera display it looked fine. ISO: 200, Aperture: F5.6, Shutter speed: 1/250 (wb: cloudy).


The same goes for this photo. On the camera display it looked fine and I was happy to get such a cute shot of my dog while just doing a test of the settings. The question this all leaves me? Is it the monitor that’s the issue? The photo has a more blue color on my second monitor (but that’s a shitty TV from 2010 and the colors are always a bit weird on that), but the picture is looking as dark on my second monitor.

I had the same issue yesterday. Another very cute picture of my dog which looked ok on the camera display and also OK in Photoshop but not in the image viewer.

I played around a little bit with the colors in Photoshop but as you can see, it’s underexposed. It also looks grainy.

Below is a screenshot of how the image looks in Photoshop and under that the original again. The first is slightly clearer.


Here are some other edits I experimented with. I tried only brightening the dog because if I brightened the whole image the snow just ended up looking like a clear white background. This however leaves a weird outline on the leash. I’d say the 2nd option is the one that looks the least edited while still showing the dog. It also keeps the depth of field intact with the leash and background being blurry, while the dog is clear even though he is shaking.

DSC_0117 edit 2DSC_0117 edit 3DSC_0117 edit

The assignment was not to use Photoshop, it’s just something I did as a follow-up to the difference of the photos depending on which display they were shown on. The assignment I was working with were the exercise files I got from the forum. I was supposed to experiment with color balance. I tried all the different white balances on the camera and liked cloudy or direct sunlight the best (there was not a big difference between the two). The others made the image look completely blue.

I tried experimenting with the same inside yesterday. The final task from the text-book assignment will be to try the different ways of focusing the subject. What I need to keep working on is different camera settings both inside and outside. Now that I know that the image looks a lot brighter on the camera display I have to find a way to be able to predict the outcome of the final product without relying too much on the preview.

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