LA – Six Favorite Photos of The Week

I finally changed lens on the camera and oh what a difference! I wanted to try low light photography with only one spot. I wanted to have big contrasts with lots of shadows and I had lots of fun! I’m still struggling with finding the perfect settings as the photos look different on the camera display. I’d like to post 40 photos of my dog but I’ll try to find my favorite 6.

1/60 sec; f/1,8; ISO:400
1/10 sec; f/1,8; ISO:100
1/60 sec; f/1,8; ISO:400
1/200 sec; f/4,0; ISO:3200
1/200 sec; f/4,0; ISO:6400
1/60 sec; f/4,0; ISO:1600
1/10 sec; f/1,8; ISO:400

Well that was 7 photos. Almost every photo I take feels underexposed because they look a lot brighter on the camera display. The 7th photo looked extremely overexposed on the camera display but on my PC it looks OK. I just have to keep working on the settings. It might still be a monitor issue or a image view issue because in Photoshop the photos still look OK.

Just for fun I edited some of the photos. Here are the results.



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