LA – Pace and Contrast


For this assignment I looked at the magazine “Cinemateket” which also has an online version. I found the same article in both paper and digital form. I must say that looking at the pace and contrast of the the two the paper form is a lot more dramatic. The photo is old and black and white while the words “The Ice Queen” read in red. As ice is seen as cold, using red for the font gives it a contrast that captures your eye.


The digital version has a less dramatic and captivating photo and the color of the font is keeping with the rest of the website. I am interested in the paper version and I want to read about the ice queen but it looks really boring and uninteresting online.


There is little contrast on the website version of the magazine. It’s looking very modern and it keeps to the same theme on each page. The online magazine keeps to the same font as the paper version.


There is a lot more variety in the paper version and I am more intrigued to read. I enjoy watching the images and having the different pace makes it seem interesting. Some pages are the same, top picture, headline and then text in 3 columns as visible on the last picture. There are several pages with short into with the smaller images and then several spread articles. Each different kind of “article” (in lack of a better word) follows the same pattern.

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