Explaining terms in Web Design

“The Internet”

What is the internet? A question that had me laughing. It’s so basic, yet I don’t think everyone has an easy answer to it. Simply put it’s a place to share information. We search the web for most things these days and we can even go to school online. We have our CV’s and work profiles online and we can connect with old and new friends. We also pay our bills and do our taxes online. All of these things go under the topic of “sharing information”.


When working with software you program everything with coding languages. By typing in specific codes you make software work a certain way. You have different coding languages like C++ and Java and these can be made to create games and other programs. HTML is the web browsers coding language. To be able to get websites to function you need to code them a certain way and you do that by using HTML. On most blog engines you can chose an already made look for your blog or decide to build it yourself through HTML coding.


A browser is a tool you use to navigate around the internet. Google chrome, Firefox and Safari are some popular web browsers (I also want to add that internet explorer is not one of them and is only used to download a new browser or by people of a certain age who don’t know how to download a different browser). The browser searches for servers associated to an URL (or web address) and displays the website. Because there are different browsers some websites don’t always look the same way and in rare occasions you might even be advised to use a different browser.

Search Engine

We talked a little about search engines when I discussed bad and good websites. Google is a search engine, but also a company and a website. A search engine takes the information you input and searches the internet for the most relevant information and presents it to you.

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