What determines a Good and Bad Website

In this article I am going to look over 20 websites and put half in a “bad” category and the other in a “good” category. This will only be based on my preferences. I will review the websites the best that I can.

Let’s start with the good ones and why I find them as such. (They are not presented in any kind of ranking order).

Good Website Design

1. UguubearScreenshot_206.png

Uguubear is a freelancing artist mainly selling emotes and sub-badges for Twitch. When you access her wesbite it is very easy to get all the information you want and it looks really clean. You have the “commissions are closed” at the top and the menu on the far left is clean looking and it shows all the essentials you need. You also have her socials on the right. Clean and most importantly: user friendly.


On the top you find the main things you search for when entering this gym’s website. The only thing I would change would be to add online-training as its own menu button at the top as a lot of people who visit their website come there for the online features: online training being a big part of that. Then again it is under “treningstilbud” (workout deals) so I guess that’s just a matter of preference.

The right menu only gets visible when clicked on and is user friendly and easy to find. I also like how they use typography consistently with their logo, app and website.

3. H&M

This is one of my favorite online stores to visit just because of how well it is made and how easy it is to shop and return. There are other stores with better clothes but worse websites and worse return policies. Then again, this article is focusing on website alone and not the whole experience so let’s look at what this one has made well.

At the top you have all of the important menus for buyers and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The website also has a good search engine which lets you filter easily. They also have a different category for their main menus for their sales option which is a plus. Noticeable, but not stealing any focus, are the other menus you might be looking for when you enter this website. You find them in the top left and right corner.

4. FiveM

There is a huge market for people who play the GTA through modded servers and roleplay. FiveM is the biggest client to access those servers. Installing FiveM is one of the more testing things I have done when it comes to any kind of PC work, and even the best struggle with this because of how illogical and annoying and unstable it is. The website for this is however: clean and simple. The first thing you see is the thing you want (and it looks clean). Typography, color and background is all very pleasing to the eye. If you click on docs at the top you get forwarded to guides and information you need to download the client. That interface is less appealing but it has all the information you need and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

5. awwwards

I googled “Best websites” and I got taken to awwards and I got to say, Awwards is a great website. It showed me exactly what I wanted and very easily. What I like in a website is a clean look that is user friendly. Awwwards has all of those features.

For the next five I am going to link you to the website and they will all feature the same theme: clean looks and user friendly.

6. Pexels

7. Synsam

8. Netflix

9. Google

PS: I had to google to see if google was a website or a search engine and what I learned was “google is a search engine, a company and a website”.

10. Razer

Bad Website Design

1. Steam

This is probably very personal and biased. I do not like how steams app works, but I know of people who do. Steam is a game client where you store and buy games on PC. Adding and finding friends is really difficult and navigating through the app is tricky. They have 2 different ways of updating and changing settings and you can also change settings in places OUTSIDE of the settings menu. On the frontpage of the website you can see there is a lot of different menus, one long one on the left and two different ones on the top. Because of this messy look I get overwhelmed and often just give up.

2. HBO

At a first glance this looks like a good website, however it works horribly. Things you’ve watched gets removed from your “recently watched” list and it lags on a lot of devices and loading times can be very long. It’s also difficult to change season of the shows you are watching. It does not work well if you watch some episodes on one device and then others on a different. Overall it’s a very ill-optimized engine.

3. The Family RP

Earlier I was talking about GTA roleplay. This is the website to the biggest roleplay server. The information you want out of a website like this is how to join the server. I looked for a long time and I can’t find the information so I tried googling it and you just loop back. In the end I deemed it too much work. The website looks clean and nice, but the main information you want is difficult to reach.

4. Yale’s art department

When I see this I want to take back everything I said about the other bad websites. This is horrific. Not only is there a gif moving around over and over with information you can’t read, but the colors choices and fonts. I don’t want to stay here for longer than a second.

5. Suzanne Collins

I searched for “worst websites” and oh did I find a goldmine of terrible things. Some websites like Steam that I talked about before, needs and explanation as to why they don’t work. Websites like this do not need a lot of explanation because one words covers it: chaos. I don’t know where to look or what information I’m supposed to look for because everything is all over the place.

6. Illuminati Exposers

This website is supposed to expose man made religions and give truth, however because of this design this looks like a fanatics website. This is what I would steer away from. The color background is hideous and the glow behind the font is as bad. They even have two of the same menus “chemtrails” and “chemical trails”.

7. MGBD parts & services

I feel like I’m searching the dark web here and that I need to look for websites that are actually being used for this exercise to be more valid. These last ones do not open up for much discussion as they are terrible by a first glance and I don’t think anyone would disagree (except maybe the creator).

8. Ranking by SEO

This is the website that I got the other bad websites from. Looking at this, I have no idea what this website does. Overall it looks messy, even though there are menus at the top. I’m not a fan of the social media icons and the numbers next to them as I don’t know what the numbers mean. The title of the website makes me think it’s a blog ranking things, but the menus confuses me.

9. Facebook

Facebook is another website with too many categories and menus. It’s difficult to navigate if you want to find events etc. In general there are just too many places to find information and look for things. It’s not the worse website, it’s just not as good as it could be and looking for things on it is not easy. A big brand like that should make it more user friendly.

10. Inet

This is not really a bad website, it’s actually pretty good. However, I wanted to put it here because it can be so much better. The website is not at all appealing and a more appealing look would inspire more purchases. However, the target audience are tech types, so maybe they prefer a look like this? It has all the information you need but it just looks so…tacky. I buy from here because it’s good and delivers fast, but because of how it looks I would prefer to purchase from a different site.


You can clearly see what I like. I like clean looks with not too many menus or options on the front page. I also like it to be user friendly and practical but it is important that it looks good. For example HBO looks good, but it’s not very practical or user friendly.

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