Creating a Wireframe and hosting your own server

The first thing I did this week was to watch the lesson on moodle and then I created a wireframe. Easy, took me no time at all. I spent the rest of the week watching all videos on and I noticed how much I learned from the start of the week to now.

I created a low-tech wireframe because of the budget being low. When I start out working I assume I will be working with smaller businesses and if I am hired to design a website the budget won’t be too high.

I modeled the website after how I want my own website to be, but as I learnt more I would probably change that aswell.

What I have learned is: the wireframe needs to be a lot more detailed and precise than this. The Twitch Emote page is ok, but should have the measurements written down (112×112 image of emote and 28×28 image of emote below). Since what I sell the most are emotes, I wanted that to be the first thing the customer sees when entering the website. However, this is limiting what the clients sees and people looking for other services might stray away.

For our second LA I created a Hosting Server on, though I still need to print and sign the contract.

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