I started researching different advertising costs. The one that seemed the most beneficial was Google Ads PPC (pay per click) version, but that was way out of my budget. The budget I have is 1800$ while PPC Ads are usually around 9000 and 10000$ per month. This method shows ads to people that are already searching for something so they are more willing to go to the ad.

However you could start out and make successful Google Ads for a much lower price but that means you need some knowledge and experience with the platform to get the best results.

If I were to market my website I would most likely learn how to use google ads the cheapest way to get the best results.

The cheaper way to use Google Ads is GDN (google display network). This is more used to grow and remarket your brand. They are the type of ads that show up on similar websites or pages that share the same target audience. It has a lot lower click-through rate and usually costs .058-1.66$ per click (while PPC go between 1-2$).

The next option would be to look into Facebook Ads. It’s fairly easy to use and you can put up and plan your budget on a week by week basis. You decide how much to put in and for new and small businesses this is one of the easier and cheaper ways to go.

Facebook also owns Instagram which means you can market through both platforms in an easy way. Instagram ads also look less intrusive and more like “content” than ads which gets more clicks.

Which one of these options are best for my project? Since my target audience for my website (about my hometown) is a variety of people I would want to use different type of ads. For example, I could use Instagram ads to market pictures and videos from the website that show attractive things to do for teens in the area, while I use Facebook ads for jobs listed in the area or similar to reach the older audience.

Since my budget is low I would make use of Instagrams algorithm. Using the IGTV function, 1-3 posts a day and an active Instagram story to generate heat to my Social media. I would focus it around the younger audience. What artists and musicians do we have that are from our town or area? Highlight them, street art and anything that would attract a younger audience.

I would use half of my budget on Google PPC ads when the Website is launched. It’s a great way to get people to the Website even if is costly. The other half I would spend on Facebook Ads. I would avoid Instagram marketing at the start since my main target is an older audience.

If my budget was doubled I would do the same, half on Google Ads but I would also allow spending money on Instagram Ads.

For this exercise we were also tasked with coming up with a viral idea, but I’m at a loss in how to come up with a viral idea for this website. I would create a video shooting it somewhere in the area which the website markets. But something enough to make it viral? I mean the slogan for the area is “Långt ifrån lagom” which means “far from average”. I could probably play with that? In the area is where all of Sweden’s money used to be made. Could have three girls with really voluptuous posteriors in very short shorts shaped in a very revealing way sitting on the roof of that sharing a nice ice cream that drips in the right places. Not something I’d like to put in my school work but if we analyze what actually goes viral these days that’s where we end up.



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