LA – Packaging

For this assignment we were supposed to create a life-size version of a packaging we designed. I am a little confused as to what we’re actually supposed to do here. I created a lifesize “mock-up” of the design, but I’m unsure if we were supposed to actually have something real manufactured. The colors on the mock-up are not exact to the digital design. I made a front and back for the design but I might need to adjust this to better reprsent the product for the final digital design.

I decided to create wet food for my brand. I made a mock-up and design for one taste (tuna and salmon) while the wet food will come in lamb and chicken as well.

Having worked in a pet shop for 3 years the packaging came naturally to me. I didn’t do any research on colors but I will find brands to cover my choices.

Lamb is most of the time represented as a light brown/beige color or purple (but because HILL’s use beige I will do the same because they’re  the VET’s choice so it already has an establishment in its color), fish is blue or pink (tuna/salmon) and chicken is yellow. For that reason I chose the colors for the wet food.

Since my brand is ECO friendly I did some research on food and what packaging is the best for the environment. A lot of wet food for dogs is canned, but cans are not good for the environment because of the coating inside and it uses a lot of energy to create and to break down. Most food brands have changed their canned beans and, coconut milk and crushed tomatoes into carton/paper packaging. I decided that my wet food would be packaged the same way. It’s the most eco friendly and it stacks good in stores as well as in cabinets at home. I did think of a “ready-bowl” but that would require plastic.

Design I tried but wouldn’t work on the final size.

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