Typography for a day

“Document one day of your life acting as an observer of typographic design. Produce a comprehensive diary of the typographic experience of your day from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.”

My day to day life and the typography I encounter is very similar. I sit a lot in front of my PC and I play a lot of games all from the same developer and the only show I’m currently watching is Breaking Bad.


This is pretty much the first thing I see when I wake up. I walk my dog, make coffee and turn on my PC and launch battlenet. I then start Hearthstone.


Later during the day I play some Overwatch and the Typography there is a bit more prominent.


I’m not a fan of the typography in Hearthstone. The font is very thick, heavy and almost like it’s from some old parchement. But I think that’s the purpose because Hearthstone is a cardgame based on Warcraft (which is a very old game).

The typography in Overwatch I love. The main font is called “Big noodle tilting”. It works very well both in italic and not and just by changing those things the font looks very different. I really love the Overwatch logo and what was made with the type there, having the V and A “fall out” from their letters.

In the evening I watch Breaking Bad and before we got this assignment I actually paused the intro to look at the typography. I think it’s really clever. For those who missed it breaking bad is about a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth cook.

breaking bad

I love the play on the chemistry table! I have paused many times to look at the intro in breaking bad. They also use the same green color on some letters in the names in the names of those working on the show. Like ‘Na'(in green)talie.

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