LA: DIY Light Tent

So! We were assigned to create a light tent, and that was quite the challenge when you don’t like to do “manual labor”. I have never been a fan of anything “DIY”. Anyway, since I was late with this assignment (I didn’t get help to buy the materials until late) the deadlined clashed with my stream-time. I decided to stream as I built the box and it became a fun experience in the end.

(my embed didn’t work but here’s a link to a clip from the stream)


f/4.5 1/40 s ISO: 100

The above image is not edited at all. Here’s the edited image.

blog edit smoll

I tried to remove some of the shadows to make the background more white and added some exposure to make the item a bit more clear. Here are screenshots of the exact changes I made.


The camera batteries ran out after this and seeing as I lent the camera to a friend (and didn’t get the charger back) I will experiment more with the light box later!

If you want to create your own light box here’s a link to how you can do it!

How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent – DIY

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