Graphic Design History 2

Look at the history timeline at the beginning of this lesson. Gather information from 1900 – 2000, and design your own timeline using the Swiss Design Style as your theme. Each movement should be described in a creative way.

I’m not 100% sure I did this assignment exactly like it should be done. It wasn’t clear to me if I needed to do a Graphic Design History timeline or just a timeline from 1900-2000 in general. I decided to go for the latter and I chose my focus to be women.

When I did my research I noticed that in all timelines about women’s history trans women were excluded. To find the major points in all women’s history I had to cross-reference with a transgender timeline.

page 1
page 2

The second page is a little experimental. I’m not sure if the geometry in the middle is disturbing and too big or if it adds something to it. Anyway, my point with this was to add hidden shapes in the timeline, use sans-serif font that mixes lower and uppercase letters (moonbeam was used). I also wanted to include all women and tried to add as much info from around the world. Most women’s timelines were focused on the U.S.

color theme used.
I wanted a blue so I used one of the yellow tones to find a blue to add.

Inspiration can be found in previous post about the different styles discussed.


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