The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is a 2011 documentary film about product placement, marketing and advertising directed by Morgan Spurlock. The premise behind the production is that the documentary itself would be entirely paid for by sponsors, thus being a form of metafilm.

Do you think the movie provides insight or detail into what drives product placement in entertainment?

If so, what have you learnt from that? If not, how would you change aspects of the movie to reflect insight on this?

I think the movie is outdated in how product placement is being marketed today. Yes, it provides some insight in how things are being marketed but this has already been shown in TV series like Entourage. Entourage came out in 2004 and follows a movie star. It shows several aspects of the industry such as marketing. I think that this movie could have been relevant as information as school information in 2011, I don’t find it relevant now. It would be interesting to see a documentary on how instagram influencers are paid depending on their size of following etc. The movie does provide insight, but there was nothing new here for me. I wouldn’t change anything but I would have provided students with information that is more relevant to 2020 and media that are being used more today.

What have you observed about presentations of visual strategies/brand identity?

One thing that really caught my attention was during a pitch meeting he asks a company to explain their brand in one sentence and they did not have an answer. One of the employees of the brands then answers and Morgan Spurlock shoots the sentence down. I found his expression that disrespectful and it was interesting to be presented with a brand that didn’t seem to have that much of a strategy.

Let’s consider this movie as a form of research. In other words, it was done to see what the effect of branded entertainment would be, a case study of sorts. What are your findings? What have you learnt? What has changed your pre-conceived ideas? Do you think there’s relevance in this case study? How could you apply your observations in real life?

I think it was a great way of doing research. The more brands he got on board the easier it was to get other people involved. Each brand that is affiliated with this movie also gets affiliated with each other. By using an airline as sponsors, all affiliated brands get marketing through said airline.

One thing I learned from this was the extent of factors to consider when getting sponsors. Who am I excluding by including X brand?

I stream on Twitch and how I can apply what I learned here is the games that I stream. Who do I exclude by streaming X game? What is more benefitial for my brand? Which will help me more? It’s also one thing to consider when creating creative designs for customers.

Give one complete strategy for a small activation campaign to advertise Starbucks on aeroplanes. Give one idea of how you would do this, by following the 5 steps of the work process.
Quick research

I went to Starbucks website and the first thing I saw was “Yes to you”. After looking around more I see these drawn and sketch-type drawings. Starbucks also have a lot of different types of rewards.


This campaign is meant to reach people of all ages, genders and status. It will be shown primarily on airplanes. The campaign will be “Say yes to You”. Buy a cup of starbucks on the airplane and look at the bottom of it. A few lucky winners will find a large YES at the bottom which means they win a free flight within US or EU, depending where you are.

Design the identity

Here’s a quick sketch of the plan for the design. The plane should be bigger and will the space on the left side of the numbers. Background is starbucks green and the font should be in white.


Employeers on planes will help inform the customers about the campaign, there will also be an ad at the back of each chair. The website will have information about the campaign and also how to cash in your prize if you win.

Manage the assets

After the campaign is done there will be posts on social media (twitter/instagram/snapchat) asking people if they liked the campaign and what campaign they should do next. That will give engagement and also ideas on what the community wants and likes. Be sure to answer comments to make the community feel heard and to connect better.

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