A Knack for Names

Consider the tips on Inspiration given in your prescribed book and create a name for an ice cream. The ice cream has a range of different flavours, but the unique aspect it should communicate is the fact that it is the coldest ice cream in existence. Now come up with five name options for this product (you should not spend more than a few minutes on each name) using inspiration from: Metaphors, Colors, Latin, Science and Myths.

I found this learning activity quite challenging as the “inspiration” made me feel very limited and uninspired. I really struggled to do this but ended up with 5 different names.


Cone of Cold.
This is actually a spell from World of Warcraft so I’m not sure how valid it would be.


The first thing I thought of was blue and ice, which made me think of brrrr so the name I came up was that. Brrr!


Frigus. It is the latin word for cold.


Zero. I wanted absolute zero but realised that sounded like a very cool and fresh vodka taste so I went with zero instead.


This is my favorite. It actually makes sense and has a name that you can remember and make a logo of easily. Shiva. Now, I don’t actually know who Shiva is, but when I was a kid I played a lot of Final Fantasy and the water and Ice queen was always named Shiva.

I ended up searching a little about Shiva and I didn’t really find anything about cold, just “Shiva the Destroyer” and he seems to have been male. I probably should have done more research for this practice, so that’s one thing I learned at least.

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