Planning a Fashion Shoot

Learning activity: written assignment. Graphic Design year 2.

In your own words, describe the procedure of planning a fashion shoot. In addition, also answer these questions:

  • What are the stylist’s duties?
  • List your duties as photographer  
  • What equipment would you take along on the Alice in Wonderland shoot that was featured in this module?
  • Find an editorial fashion spread in a fashion magazine. Explain what you think the concept was, what equipment they used and how the location affected the concept. Scan or photograph the shoot and hand it in along with your answer.

When planning a fashion shoot you need to make sure that you know the brands vision and prepare properly for the shoot by creating a visionboard and moodboards to show your ideas to the crew. In short: you need to decide location, match the tone of the brand with the shoot, specify special requirements and create a concept.

The stylists duties are to make sure that costumes and props arrive at the location and they are in charge of coordinating costume changes (making sure that correct accessories are matched etc). It’s also their responsibility to work with the label to find the outfits best suited for the shoot.

The photographer’s duties are to create a storyboard and share it with the team to make sure they properly understand the vision. It’s also the photographer’s job to scout for a location that will fit the concept. I did find this lesson confusing, as by reading it I get the impression that the photographer is in charge of everything, but I think I’m misunderstanding it a bit. I assume that the photographer’s job is that of a Graphic Designer. Talk with the client, get their vision, create a storyboard and concept depending on the client and target audience while working together with the stylist.

The equipment I would bring with me to this shoot would not differ from the equipment listed in the lesson that were brought to the shoot. They were listed as such:

  • Wide angle, macro and 50 mm lenses
  • Camera body
  • Memory cards
  • Battery chargers
  • Light set
  • Diffuse boxes

For the final part of this written assignment I found an editorial spread online.

I think this concept was inspired by dreams and summer. The photos look very dreamy and relaxed while also cosy. It looks like the model has all of the free time in the world to relax or go to the beach. She also looks like a frilly cupcake, her hair and the colors of the clothes so I can imagine that inspiration for this set was teatime. They’re using a lot of natural light as they are outside. I think they used a lot of the same tools as in the Alice in Wonderland photoshoot as the scenery is similar.

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