Creating your Own animation

So, this was my first attempt of animating with After Effects, and as I am writing this blogpost I know I can do it better (and eventually I will).

Let’s break down the issue and concept.

I wanted to create a house where there’s one window which is the attic that then turns out to be the word HIDE.

As I did this I didn’t know how to manipulate letters (and not use shape layers or anything really) and I was mainly experimenting using YouTube tutorials to kinda get to the basics (as my school provided the basics AFTER they showed how layers etc worked and I just couldn’t grasp it at all that way).

Now that I’ve had access to the basics of After effects (by following along the exercise files which lead to the creating of this video) I know that I could do this a lot lot lot better.

I really like the idea and concept, but not the execution whatsoever.

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