Exercise Files After Effects

Lately I’ve been learning After Effects. My biggest issue here is that…well I have ADHD, so my brain automatically looks for shortcuts and an “easy way out”. I already know how to use Sony Vegas, which is a different type of program (it’s a movie editing program) but it can achieve similar effects as AE if you’re good with it. It’s a lot more difficult and timeconsuming, but possible.

I postponed a lot of my schoolwork thinking, eh well I can probably whip something together using Sony Vegas (and also, the order of the assignments provided by my school for the learning activities were…how to say this without sounding too harsh…not ideal. In fact I cried a lot because the first video provided skipped a lot of steps so I gave up, while the video 4 weeks in explained After Effects from the start and enabled me to go back to do the previous assignments).

Then, I realised I’m not studying to study, I’m studying (and paying a lot of money) to learn. I took a big bite of the sour apple, got some tissues and sat down ready to cry in anxiety because of the lack of ADHD friendly content my school provides (ok, not always, but def in this segment and order of assigments).

And, what did we procure? A little animated flower.

The good thing about this segment and learning after effects is that I love video editing and making content that is intended to move people and tell a story. This is the first school assigment that managed to put me into hyperfocus where I find myself losing hours and hours exploring and experimenting. It has really taught me where I should put my focus in the future and what I should learn more about.

The bad part about this segment is that doing the exercise files is very timeconsuming, stressful and doesn’t allow me to learn as well as other assigments. I can’t really skip doing them as that will result in less than 80% of the learning activities made and a failure of this class. I may be forced to alter the learning activities slightly to avoid blowing my brains out in boredom and distress.

Here are some screenshots provided as further “proof” of me doing the exercise files.

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