The Relationship between Image and Text

What Marian Bantjes statement “I am not an expert on illuminated manuscripts by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a couple of purposes of it. But one of those purposes is definitely to invoke wonder in this way that was very interesting to me and was feeding directly into my ideas about that symbiotic relationship between graphics and text.” has in common with the Swiss Style is that of Ernst Keller’s words “Design should focus on the content, not decorative extras”. While this was clearly visible in the Swiss Style, it’s not as visible at first glance in Marian Bantjes work. Hers is that of creativity and art and one could argue “decorative extras” but really if you actually look at it, the “decorative extras” are the content that need be portrayed.

Looking at these two pieces they are very different, but at the same time they’re not. It’s clear that the left (Bantjes) is not as simplistic as the right (Müller-Brockman) but you can still see the grid in both of them and the way the information is portrayed is very similar.

Here’s another piece from Marian Bantjes and the style is very far from Swiss Style, however I still feel that the ideology is there. The words, i.e the content, is the art. The “decorative extras” are a part of the words and make out the whole piece. In that sense I feel that she did her own adaptation to the Swiss Style teachings and made it her own, just as the students of Ernst Keller adapted his pieces and made them their own.

These pieces are very different from moth of Marian Bantjes work, but as stated before, the way she makes the message and content the art is what they have in common.

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