The use of Computer Combined with Different Media

For school we were assigned to watch a video about Marian Bantjes and her work as an artist and graphic deisgner. There were many things about this video that I connected with. The thing that stuck to me most was that she wanted to create her own style and not create for someone else. Now people come to her because of her style and they expect her to “do her own thing”.

That’s what I want out of creating. I want to be able to develop my own unique brand that people can recognize. I come from a very creative family, and my brother has managed to do a lot of the things that Marjan talked about. He started out as a musician when he was in highschool and got noticed for his unique production skills. As he grew up his music developed and the sound became different from where he started out, but even if you listen to his first music, the ones he made at school, can you hear his distinct sound. His music changed how Swedish hip hop developed and albeit he’s not well-known to the common person, he’s very well known in the music industry and has a very nieche audience. He’s stopped creating music but keeps selling collectors items like vinyls and even casettes.

Listening to Marian Bantjes and how people talk about reminded me of my family and how they have inspired me. My father creates designs by hand that looks computer generated. He combines math and creativity to create geometrical art inspired by MC Escher.

My father doesn’t create digitally at all, he creates everything with his hands. Because of a birth deficiency he doesn’t have full range of motions with one of his arms, which is even more inspiring. My father only paints for himself. It’s his form of meditation and it keeps him grounded. I think that if he combined his art with a computer he could make even more interesting designs and he could also better share his work and reach a larger audience. I think it’s important that we use several mediums and not only one so that we can grow as artists.

Another thing I found interesting about what Marjan spoke of was how if she doesn’t sketch she can’t create as well as if she skips the sketching progress. This is where I think Graphic Design will change in the future. The people growing up now have different mindsets that the pioneers of Graphic Design. The attention spans are shorter and it’s easier to access information. I have a drawing tablet and I prefer to sketch directly into my computer. I’m still using my hands but it’s just something I’m getting used to. In my two years of studies I haven’t seen anything that indicates this way of sketching is ok. I think that the important thing to teach is that we need to properly prepare and plan our work, but the way we reach the final product is different for different people.

In many ways do I feel that the “old” mindset of -doing things manually first- suffocates creativity for a new generation who are used to different things. A lot of young artists draw on their tablets and phones with their fingers. It should be made clear that sketching with your finger on an IPAD is as good as sketching with a pen. There are also some pieces of art that are doodles. Some people doodle directly into a computer program and I think that we need to make more space for a generation that is more digital.

Marjan Bantjes wouldn’t have realised what she enjoyed to do if she wasn’t let to do it her way. Her way was manual and by mixing elements. We need to let a younger generation find out how They like to create by not forcing them into old ways. For some people creating straight into a program will be as fulfilling as carving into wood is for Bantjes.

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