Analyse Frank Shepard Fairey’s poster

What is your opinion on the use of style and its efficacy. Also critique the use of pastiche and typography. 

The style brings me back to the posters that emerged after WW2.

It especially reminds me of the Che Guevara poster (left). The way the gaze look and the contrasting colors.

“his stylized visage has become an ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular culture.”


If we put the posters next to eachother the similarities become even easier to see.

The campaign for Obama could definately be seen as “countercultural” as he would be the first african american president and much as Che Guevara spread hope in the liberation of Latin America, Obama served as a symbol of change and Hope for those who have not always had representation.

I love the colors. They fit very well together and I love how the poster is “split in two”. I like the simple sans-serif font but I don’t like the “pin” above the E. Since it has the same style as the Type, it looks like it’s a part of the E. I would either have integrated it in the O or removed it completely. I don’t feel it serves a purpose and it distracts from the whole poster. It almost looks as the poster was originally made to end underneath it, and then someone wanted to add HOPE as a last minute detail and the poster was extended. Without the little extra O that feeling wouldn’t be there for me anymore.

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