Analysing the Use of Design Fundamentals

Sadly I couldn’t find the illustration in a larger size as the provided links did not work. I really wish I could look at this large cause it’s such an amazing piece. I love how the depth and 3D aspects have been implemented in this. The way the desk melts into the background, the lining to illustrate the floorboards. The only thing I’m struggling to see in this image is what I think is supposed to be a window, and the black wall almost looks like a starry sky aswell. Because of the low res photo though I can’t really explore it.

I don’t really know what style this would fit into, other than cartoon. First thing I thought of when I saw this was “Pettson & Findus” which I don’t know the English name for.

I guess it’s the cat and the “homey” house that reminds me of this old cartoon.

I don’t really understand the 3rd question. I have re-read the quote over and over but I can’t connect to the question.

If I would recreate this image I would do something about the window. I feel it would look more interesting without it. IF it is in fact a starry sky behind it would be cool to not have the window there.

My favorite color combination is pink, purple, blue, green and turqoise with main colors pink and turqoise. If I would recreate this I would definitely use those colors instead. What I would change linewise would be to move the counter that’s under the window out. It looks a little odd when it looks like it’s a part of “space”, even though looking at how the desk is melting out from the wall I think that’s intended to create an assymetric feeling.

Woith the composition I would like to portray a homey feeling. Like, life after you’ve gotten your pension. Everything is chill and the outside is vast as space. You can do anything.

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