Learning activity: creating a brief

What is the product:

Online gaming experience and entertainment on a server as well as a software framework working between client based plugins and existing game and commerce software.

The client builds, manages and optimizes a FiveM server. This is a gaming client based on the game GTA V but with customized servers created through code wherein people roleplay (or RP for short) online. He’s also creating a framework that other servers can use that is better optimized than the current framework 70% of the servers are using. The framework build is somewhat separate from the server and its brand, but one of my marketing suggestions was to market the framework through the servers (pandemoniumrp) website. That way when developers are looking for the framework they will also get to the website and so build more traffic.


The website should be simple, functional and informative. It should shows examples of how to use the framework design. It should provide tutorials on how to use the product in the longterm.

It should also make it simple for new players to both learn about roleplay and how to access FiveM. I’ll explain more further on.

The goal of the website:

To grow the pandemoniumRP community and populate the server more by rebuilding the website and make space for the framework to gain traffic for both aspects.

How is this goal going to be achieved?

The current website is slightly difficult to navigate. By simplifying the website and putting relevant information on it.

Installing FiveM can be quite difficult and most of the biggest FiveM servers have quite complex websites to scare off a certain type of people. Keywords for PandemoniumRP are “easy, simple, functionality, minimal, modern” and dark, but that’s more focused on design. One way to simplify the FiveM experience is to gather everything you need to install it in one page. This will also help gain traffic to the server as when people are searching for “how to install FiveM”, instead of reading 3 different reddit posts of guides they can find it all on PandemoinumRPs website. That way it may also gain more in-game users as of how simple they make it to access. These are also some of my marketing ideas.

Design style:

Will follow the keywords.

Marketing suggestions:

As mentioned above, my suggestions were based on the experience I have in both streaming FiveM for years and doing my own research. The most commonly asked question is “how do I install FiveM” and as mentioned you need to look on a lot of different places to find. I’ve also tried to navigate a lot of FiveM servers websites which have been very difficult. I asked the client “what do you want your brand to be associated with? What is the first experience you want people to have when they meet with PandemoniumRP” he answered “easy”. That’s when I thought of all the things I have struggled with and reasons I have left certain servers. I suggested tutorials for how to do things in game and also adding a FAQ on the website as a footer or sidebar. Having this information on the website will also give admins less work in answering questions and more time to make the in-game experience better. Another idea I had was to add highlights, read more in the architecture.

Website architecture:

Home – will have information on how to install FiveM, Rules, a link to Discord and how to access the server. This information will be displayed with images and child pages to help with searchability and use keywords. If the budget allows it the website will also have a Highlight video monthly from the best moments of the streamers on the server. That way you can bring in clients from other platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Menus and sub-pages will be in the lines of: Extended mode Framework (to showcase the software framework), RP tips and tricks (for those needing help and inspiration with their roleplay character and how to add depth to it), Highlights (where the monthly highlights will be stored so you can watch the old ones when they’re removed from the homepage), Tutorials (similar to FAQ but more in depth on commands you can use and features new players may need to know).

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