LA: building a website

I failed this assignment. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t come up with a good enough idea to motivate me to create a website. I spent days trying to come up with something to do and in lack of any better ideas I decided to create a website for a fictional bar. I made the wireframe and brief and then I just got stuck. Dreamweaver wasn’t working (not caching properly, needing a restart to show the changes) and eventually I just gave up. I’ll come back to this assignment after I’ve done the website for the Graphic Design History project.


The client is a bar-owner that hosts events and has a venue that you can rent.

Their requirements are to have a website that showcase the bar, what is special with it (what type of special drinks and food you can get there) and showcase what you can rent.

The websites goal is to attract new customers and provide information about the bar. Where it is located, prices and who to contact if you want to rent it for an event.

This goal will be achieved by building a simple website that showcase the bar, the staff and the drinks and also show some photos from previous events. It’s also there to showcase what music you can play at the jukebox.

The bar is very rugged and looks like a “biker bar” so the style should be simple but with a letterpress type of design.

Here’s where I got before I ragequit the website. I think this was the 4th attempt. I just really wanted to get it over with so I tried several shortcuts and they all just made things worse.

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