Graphic Design Schoolwork

Practical Assignment – Riddles

We were handed 4 different riddles which I decided to discuss with a friend over the phone.

“A man is replacing a wheel on his car, when he accidentally drops the four nuts used to hold the wheel on the car. They fall into a deep drain, irretrievably lost. A passing girl offers him a solution that enables him to drive home. What is it?”

This one was tricky because of my lack of knowledge when it comes to cars. After discussing it back and forth (one of the solutions being him driving the girl’s car home or her giving him some nuts from her car) we ended up with him taking 1 nut of each wheel, driving home with 3 on each.

Two Russians walk down a street in Moscow. One Russian is the father of the other Russian’s son. How are they related?

This riddle reminded me of one that was very popular when I was growing up about a doctor. I don’t remember what it was I just remember that “mother” was the answer. My answer to this question is that the two Russians are partners, both parents to the child.

What occurs once in June, once in July and twice in August?

At first I started thinking about moons and cycles and whatnot, but as I read it to my friend it became apparent that the answer is the letter U.

The final riddle I struggled with. It’s something with the phrasing that just makes my brain shut-down. I read it to my friend and after making a very simple drawing in paint he came with the answer to this riddle.

Six drinking glasses stand in a row, with the first three full of water and the next three empty. By handling and moving only one glass at a time, how can you arrange the six glasses so that no full glass stands next to another full glass, and no empty glass stands next to another empty glass? What is the minimum number of moves to solve this puzzle?

I’ll add his image and see if it makes it as clear to you as it made it for me.


Minimal number of moves: 2.

Graphic Design Schoolwork

SCAMPER – Principles In McDonald’s History

Before we can dive into McDonald’s history we need to determine what SCAMPER is.

  • Substitute something
  • Combine it with something else.
  • Adapt something to it.
  • Modify or Magnify it.
  • Put it to some other use.
  • Eliminate something.
  • Reverse or Rearrange it.

I have tried to identify which of these methods were being used to grow McDonald’s into what it is today.

McDonald’s was created by two brothers who later sold the rights to their business to Ray Kroc. He saw the potential in what the brothers had created and his vision was that there would be 1000 restaurants in the US only. We now know it exceeded his expectations as he expanded and went global.

Many adaptations have been made to the food chain throughout the years. In 1970 the Drive-Thru and McDonaldland Parks (play places) were added to the restaurants. We can also find a lot of them if we solely look at the menu, some examples being the Filet-O-Fish sandwich that was added in 1965 to adhere to the Roman Catholic community as well as Chicken McNuggets that were added in 1980 all around the US.

Put to other use
At first ketchup was not being served with fries, it was only meant to be for the hamburgers. However, customers kept asking for ketchup and soon “The Dunk Cup” was implemented. It was a minimized version of a drink cup that they filled up with ketchup in the morning and only got served (for a price) to people who asked for ketchup which later on became complementary.

The McDonald’s logo has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. Looking through its timeline we can see the logo becoming more and more minimalistic, resulting in the yellow M it is today. Here are some different versions of the logo.


Graphic Design Schoolwork

Mandatory assignments and exams

Here is a list of the deadlines for MAs and exams for the coming year. I will update it with specifics on what the tasks are when we get the details. This is mainly for me so I can easily get a good overview.

MA-00 10am 2018-10-22
MA-01 4pm 2018-11-02 – Design principles
MA-02 4pm 2018-11-30 – Logo
MA-03 4pm 2019-01-25 – Layout
MA-04 4pm 2019-03-08 – Photography 1 (as part of portfolio)
MA-05 4pm 2019-04-05 –
MA-06 4pm 2019-04-26 – Photography 2
MA-07 4pm 2019-08-30 –
MA-08 4pm 2019-06-14 – Branding and packaging

Portfolio 1 4pm 2019-03-08
Portfolio 2 4pm 2019-10-11

Project Exam 1 4pm 2019-10-04


Graphic Design Schoolwork

Moodle Profile & Introduction

Aside from writing a first entry in the blog about how we ended up as students at Noroff and making the Moodle Map we also had to write an introduction and create our profile on the website. I made my introduction short on the forum focusing on specific interests so that if there is someone in my class that has similar interests they can find me easily, same with my profile introduction. Writing about these very short assignments in the blog seem redundant to me, but if I try to reflect over it as to why we should do it I assume it is to familiarize ourselves with WordPress and also getting the habit of writing about what we learn. Having worked as a teacher myself I try to see the point and value in each task I am given.

The final assignment I have to do this week is to write a report about the first week, what I’ve learned and what was challenging. It’s going to take me some time to get into the academic language but I am very excited to begin this new journey fully.

Graphic Design Schoolwork

Moodle Map

As our second assignment we, the students, had to learn how to use the school platform Moodle and make a map of it.

“Use a pencil and paper to draw a map of the different areas and elements within Moodle.”

This task was quite challenging for me. As a person with ADHD I need things to be clear and simple or I start pressing everything within sight and let me tell you this: moodle is not clear and simple. There are several pages with the same names showing different things and on certain pop-up windows you can not go back, so if you click the wrong thing there you have to find what you first pressed, open it again and hope you click the right link this time.

My first idea was to make a medieval style map in the lines of something you find in the start of a fantasy book. I quickly realized that would not work out.

Attempt at making a campus
First attempt

I tried to make the map simple, but my lack of experience might have made it as confusing as the site itself. I thought “What would I want to look at trying to figure out this wormhole of clickable things?”

GRA1_ FM1GD1131_MA00_ Moodle_Map_RebeckaBizzi_18102018
The poor lighting in my room made the orange color below the GRA1 on the door in the house invisible.

I decided to only color some details so that your eyes will be drawn to them. In the center we have GRA1 which is my course and the most important for me to find as I use Moodle. It is in neon orange as is the GRA1 on the door. My eyes directly move there and then to the green color where I see the word HOME. This tells me I can find my courses under Home. I then look at the two people chatting and their colors redirect me to the same colors on the map: blue; Forum. It’s easy to see that the forum is found under activities. At least, this is what I intended when I made the map and only you can tell me if you looked at the same things I did. The Moodle logo is inspired by the Noroff logo.


As I look at this map I want to fast forward some months when I will be better at this kind of work. As I look back on my first digital drawings and compare them to my newest ones I am certain that I soon will be able to make a better version of this.

Graphic Design Schoolwork

The Journey Here

It all started in 2017 when I decided to start streaming on Twitch. There were many things I needed for my channel. I needed a frame for my camera, overlay to show new subscribers and different goals, panels for my bio and eventually even emotes. Since I’m a cheap bastard I didn’t want to pay anyone else to do something I probably could do myself (as I was raised by two artists). I didn’t have Photoshop, but at the time I was editing videos using Sony Vegas. I did some weird edits in there, took screenshots and then used those images for the Overlay. It was hard work for not the greatest outcome.

These were all made using paint and Sony Vegas (and I cringe every time I see them). Seeing as I enjoyed making my own designs I decided to upgrade to Photoshop and I proceeded to make overlays and eventually I even started drawing in PS using a mouse.

In march (2018) I got a drawing tablet for my birthday and this is where my journey as a digital artist really started. As my work got better I started getting commissions which eventually resulted in this website. I really enjoy designing things for people and there are so many things I still need to learn, which is why I ended up applying for the Graphic Design studies at Noroff.

In the past I’ve always liked to draw but it wasn’t until the end of 2014 I really started getting serious and painted almost everyday until 2016 where my love for games took over me. I however like everything that is creative, so when I wasn’t drawing I was writing and when I wasn’t writing I was singing. Creativity flows in my family where everyone is an artist of some sort.

Here’s some of my most recent work and a work in progress of a self portrait. I look forward to documenting my journey and getting better at doing something I love! In the future I see myself as a Twitch Partner working in Graphic Design.