support me

support me.

There are several ways to support me (but none is required)

Watching my content is 100% free and just by being a part of the community you are doing enough. However, if you feel you’d like to contribute in other ways here’s what you can do.

Subscribe to my Twitch channel

This is one of the best ways to support the stream and me. You can chose from 3 different tiers and pay between 5, 10 or 25$/month or a single time. This enables you to use all my channel emotes across Twitch (and discord if you have discord nitro).

Emotes Available

Donating through paypal

If I’m live you can use this link to donate and an effect will trigger on the screen.

If you want to tip me, know that I am immensely grateful. Please note that by donating you agree not to chargeback or refund any donations made through TwitchAlerts, PayPal, or any of its affiliates. All tips are final.

Commissioning art

You can always commission art and designs. Just browse my portfolio and make sure to read the commission info. If you want something different than what you see in my portfolio I am more than happy to branch out. You may also commission traditional art!